Instagram's First Employees

There were only 13 employees, including the two founders — three of whom had just joined the company — when Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion in 2012. Most of the team members had a couple of years of industry experience, were split evenly between genders, but lacked racial diversity. They had a couple of developers, a couple of designers, someone to handle operations, and a large community management team for its size (four people), which was important in encouraging adoption of the social media app. If you are looking for a lean startup, look no further than Instagram.

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Josh Riedel
Reed College. Quit Facebook and moved to Vietnam for six months, then returned to the U.S. to join Instagram as their first employee and Community Manager in October 2010 (when it was still called Burbn).
Shayne Sweeney
5 years of experience in startups: founder of TagJag and Credentify, and Principal Engineer for Joined Instagram in November 2010 as their first engineer.
Jessica Zollman
Community Evangelist
B.A. in English, UCSB. Two years experience in customer relations and user support at Linden Lab and Formspring. Team member #5. Joined Instagram in Aug. 2011 as Community Evangelist.
Amy Cole
Business Operations
M.S. in Engineering from U. Michigan-Dearborn, M.B.A from Stanford Graduate Business School. Early Instagram user and seventh team member, first member of operations team. Joined in Oct. 2011.
Gregor Hochmuth
C.S. from Stanford. Worked at Hasso Plattner Ventures in Berlin. Became a PM at Google before joining Instagram as an engineer in Jan. 2012, at which point he had already shared 2,200 Instagram photos.
Philip McAllister
C.S., University of Tulsa. Worked on Computer Visualization at the Naval Research Lab, then worked at startups Boxbe and 8tracks. Was Director of Mobile at Gowalla. Joined Instagram in Jan. 2012.
Tim Van Demme
Self-taught in design. Freelancer, then iOS designer at Gowalla. Looked at his iPhone, asked himself which app he loved, and thought of Instagram. Early user who joined as Designer in Jan. 2012.
Ryan Gomba
iOS Engineer
C.S., Georgia Tech. Ran Varsity Track. Interned at SimpleGeo as an iOS developer. Dropped out in Mar. 2012 to join Instagram.
Bailey Richardson
B.A. in American Studies, Stanford. Communications at SFMOMA, Community & Marketing Manager at Ugallery. Joined Instagram in Mar. 2012.
Maykel Loomans
B.A. in Communications and Multimedia Design, Zuyd University. Co-founded design/development shop his senior year. Became a solo freelancer. Joined Instagram as a designer in Mar. 2012.
Dan Toffey
B.A. in Political Science, Reed College '07. Three years working for political organizations, then Communications Manager at CFTC. Tenth hire in March 2012 as part of the Community Team.