Uber's First Employees

The first employees of a company often sets its cultural foundation for years to come, because the existing team attracts new ones with similar worldviews. Many attribute the competitive culture and resulting controversies and image woes to founder Travis Kalanick, who often promotes a winner-take-all, anything-to-get-ahead approach to business. It's worth noting that the company’s first CEO, Ryan Graves, was relatively inexperienced, and was technically in charge of the HR department when engineer Susan Fowler accused it of negligence. Whether or not he is ultimately responsible for Uber’s problems, however, is subject to debate.

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Ryan Graves
B.A. in Economics, Miami University '06. Tweeted Kalanick for a job, joined in Feb. 2010, ended up as first CEO, then VP of Operations. Worked at GE for two years before joining Uber.
Conrad Whelan
"Everything" engineer
M.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Calgary '05. Friends with founder Salazaar. Senior Software Engineer at Acceleware before helping Uber build its first prototype. Joined Apr. 2010.
Ryan McKillen
Software Engineer
B.A. in Accounting, Miami University '05. Worked on own startup Screaming Ventures until 2009. Moved to WorkingPoint as software engineer for eight months, then joined Uber in July 2010.
Austin Geidt
Marketing/Support, now Head of Global Expansion
In the book, "The Upstarts," Austin Geidt reveals that she was addicted to drugs in college and was struggling to find her way before then-CEO Ryan Graves hired her as a marketing intern. Now a key executive.
Jordan Bonnet
Third engineer, first mobile engineer, iOS and Android
M.Sc. in Embedded Systems, ESIEE Paris '08. Spent two years at Dassault Systems before joining as third engineer and first mobile engineer for both iOS and Android in Sept. 2010.
Curtis Chambers
Director of Engineering
B.A.s in, C.S., Mathematics, and English, UCSD '04. Worked for six years at Expensify, Drupal, and Django before joining Uber in December '10. AKA "The Secret Weapon."
Scott Munro
San Francisco Operations
B.A. in Physics & Economics, UMass-Amherst '09. Investment Banking Analyst at Piper Jaffray, Bizdev at startup Catappult for six months. Joined Uber as Operations Manager in Apr. 2011.
Domenic Narducci
Generalist Engineer
Started as summer intern in 2010, graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2011, and returned to Uber in May 2011 as a software engineer.
Rachel Holt
Regional GM
B.A. in Psychology, Amherst College '05. Stanford Graduate School of Business. Bain Consultant, Clorox Associate Marketing Manager. Joined in Oct. 2011 to lead Uber's expansion into Washington, D.C.